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It could be your dependability a lover needs while the Full Moon influences daily routines and service to others. You could also find it's possible to express love subtly, and random acts of kindness could be extra-powerful and far-reaching now. You can bring a delightful level of harmony that blends superbly with a lover's confidence, and it's 'the little things' that not only 'count' but add up wonderfully to create a stronger, more satisfying love connection.

Yesterday Tomorrow Tuesday 12th November It could be your dependability a lover needs while the Full Moon influences daily routines and service to others. Try Free Star Lovers and Soul Mates The specific connections between you, and your genuine potential for happiness together.

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Sagittarius Love and Relationship

However, knives could be out, so watch your back! Edgy romance is there, and if you have a sweetheart, you are likely to get closer.

Life with your new squeeze intensifies over the weekend and may see funky fulfilment late Sunday. With the Sun in Scorpio, your deeper feelings are stimulated and the Full Moon will cut to the heart like a razor. The last half of the week is full of potential, but be prepared to overlook any snarky comments from your mate. You may have deep thoughts to contend with over the weekend.

This is a good time to connect with your love, as intimacy can express the feelings you cannot find words for. Communications or travel will feature, and you may deal with sensitive or moody folk. Your stability and sensuality will make you ever so attractive, especially to someone hot in the neighbourhood.

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Get home or family matters organized by Friday then set out to have a good time as the weekend comes. Charming and witty types will show interest in you on so prepare for some jousting and wordplay, followed by delightful boudoir antics.

Sagittarius 12222 Love Horoscope

Communications will feature, as you charm your love with sensual talk and a sexy swagger. Siblings or neighbours may also feature.

Entertain your beloved at the Bullish Manse and enjoy your favourite meals and domestic pleasures. That will put you in the mood. A romantic feeling steals over the two of you as the week draws to a close.