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Beneficial travel stars are continuing.

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If anything, the current planetary patterns are more helpful for overseas connections and adventurous journeys than those which have dominated your chart so often over recent months. Hopefully, circumstances will permit you to have a break.

You could hardly hope for better planetary allies than Mercury and Venus if romantic life and entertaining are on the agenda. The accent is so firmly on your social life that anything else will come as an irritating distraction. If at all possible, try to keep professional obligations and family commitments to a minimum.

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CANCER June 22 — July 23 There seems little question that you are going through a restless phase, and you may be looking to other people to satisfy your need for variety. LEO July 24 — Aug. Over the next two weeks go all out to put agreements on to a firm footing, but first you may have to revise certain details.

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Very soon your thoughts will be turning to those parts of your life which are fundamental to your existence. You know that there are improvements waiting to be implemented, and that only you can take the right initiatives. In general, events should start to move in your direction, although you must be both flexible and decisive.

Do yourself a favour and put more energy into social arrangements. This is an ideal time to arrange interviews and push yourself forward. Good news is coming, but not just yet. Stock Market. These are predictions based on SunSign.

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  • Click here. Aries 21st March to 20th April : Work is likely to keep you on your toes this week. You may also end up going on a short work-related trip. This week may prove all the more favourable as even your superiors at work will boost your confidence and support your efforts. In terms of finances, this week will be moderate.

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    You will continue to balance your income and expenditure. You may even be able to save funds for future. As for your personal life, you may go on a trip with your family or friends. On the personal front, this week may prove to be rather moderate. However, it would help to continue tackling issues with a calm head and maturity to avoid further arguments. For employees, this week may prove to be tricky. You may get into minor arguments with your superior.

    You may have been promised one thing and given something else altogether. Gemini 22nd May to 21st June : For the natives of Gemini, your career may be progressive and satisfactory this week. A promotion with or without an increment is likely.

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    However, the chances of you moving to a different location for the same cannot be ruled out. Business owners will find this week working in their favour as they will be satisfied with their business. You must rest assured that it will be for a good cause. Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July : A short trip with the family is also on the cards.

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    In fact, even professionals are likely to go on a quick work-related trip. They will excel both at academics and extra-curricular activities. The same mood will continue to dwell in your home, and you will enjoy every moment spend with your loved ones.

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    • The week for Cancerians is likely to be sombre. Health-wise, you may suffer from minor ailments which will be prolonged given your carelessness.

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      Your personal life is more than likely to remain steady. You will enjoy a cordial and happy relationship with your spouse or partner. If your relationship is relatively new, the two of you may get into minor disagreements.